You Can Still Achieve Your Ambitious Goals

Have you ever had a goal that was so big it both excited and scared you at the same time?

>> WOOSH! Into your Vortex that goes.

Then as time goes on, the goal, although still there, gets pushed further back in your priorities until you’ve practically talked yourself out of pursuing it?

Instead of it being an ambitious goal that excited you and in the forefront of your mind constantly, it became the one that got away, mainly because so much time has passed and you have no idea how you’d ever make it happen now.

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – You Can Still Achieve Your Ambitious Goals – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 15 minutes

What ambition feels like energetically to people on the planet is like focusing on desire with plenty of resistance added to the mix which then makes it necessary to work hard in order to accomplish it because you are not using the leverage.

Ambition doesn’t need to mean that, like the word love, it means lots of different things that you don’t mean it to mean when you offer it. It activates a lot of things.

Rather than using a word like ‘ambition’ why not say – “I’ve decided to leave behind my desire that was laced with resistance and just keep my pure desire.

You can’t put anything in your Vortex, it doesn’t peter out, and it not materialize when you allow it.

Have you ever thought…

“This is what I want, but the price is too great so I’ll set it aside, but I still really want it.”

Most people have, and on more than one occasion.

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Whether your ambition equals or exceeds people like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) or J K Rowling (Harry Potter) or you’d like a new home, a new car, a new job – aren’t you just a little bit curious to see if you can achieve it by following the advice in this post?

All that is required for the path to start filling in, is for you to just stop doing whatever you’ve been doing that has kept it from coming.

You wanted something that wasn’t coming, so you covered up caring about it not coming with words you don’t mean.

When you stop going after your ambitions it’s like you’ve just said – I stopped hitting my head against the wall because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. It wasn’t working out for me anyway, so I decided I might as well stop trying so hard, but now time has gone by, and I still want these things, but I don’t want them enough to hit my head against the wall again.

Let’s Get a New Plan!

From Abraham…

You can’t release your desires once you put them there and the source within you becomes the expanded version of them. In order to have the true happiness that you want, you have to find alignment with them.

You have no choice.

This is real.

What we want to say to you, lovingly and gently, you have no choice.

You cannot give up your own ambition because what true ambition is, is stuff you put in the vortex which must be realized.

That’s really good.

Ambition can be a good thing.

Ambition is what’s in your vortex that’s not ever going away, and the only way you can ease the strain of not achieving what you have felt ambitious about, is to let it in.

You got to stop holding it out.

This is what we would do if we were standing in your physical shoes…

“I know that my desires are valid and real, and I know that they have not gone away, and while it may feel like they’ve dissipated a little bit because when…”

We’re going to take a little side here.

Someone said to us one day, we were having a discussion about desires, and we said -“Well what do you want?” and this person couldn’t come up with anything easily, so we started naming things that we knew this person wanted, and she said, “Oh no Abraham, I’ve already got that. I’ve already got that. Oh no I don’t want that, I’ve already got that.”

And what she was pointing out, was that she had come to recognize a feeling of yearning as a feeling of desire.

She had got so accustomed to wanting something that wasn’t just the idea of a desire felt uncomfortable to her. A lot of people are like that.

You think that to want it, it has to hurt a little bit, and we’re talking about pure desire. That’s why we’re going back to the basics. Back to the grid. Pure desire.

Because everything that you want is because you think you will feel better in the having of it.

 In other words all these ambitions, all these things that are swirling in your vortex waiting for you to find the vibrational place that allows them to flow comfortably and easily and perfectly into your experience, all of those things that you want are because you believe you will feel better in the having of them.

But we want you to understand it’s the comfortable filling in of the grid that you’re looking for not the fulfillment of any one of those manifestations.

And when you want to accomplish some things it feels like you’re running a race and you see the finish line and go oh I’m done I see it I could do it but then it leaves this sort of unfinished place.

It’s not necessary either to run a race and there is no finish line in other words both of those things are true relative to this process of creating. 

Let’s Play a Little Game…

Get a notebook and just sit by yourself with no one else around and write some one or two emotional words and fixate on them.

Start with words like fun or words like ease and then just let your mind ponder them.

Don’t try to make anything happen, and don’t try to make thoughts come. Just ponder…

What does fun mean to me?

What do I mean by fun?

What does fun feel like?

What does it feel like to be having fun?

What’s fun to me?

Then focus on the word ease.

What does ease feel like to me?

What does ease feel like?

How does ease play out?

Just really general. Don’t try to bring other people into it. Don’t don’t try to make anything happen with it.

Just focus there, and what will begin to happen after just a little while, about a minute or two, is more thoughts will begin to flow in around it.

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As they come don’t run a marathon with them. Don’t try to make anything happen. Don’t get ambitious about it. Just let the word softly flow. Let them softly flow, it’s almost a form of meditation, but it’s better than meditation because it’s consciously fixating on a vibrational frequency that once you let it begin to resonate within you, you will have conscious awareness of its attraction power.

That’s really what this grid thing is about, it’s about you recognizing your point of attraction, and even more – you taking control of your point of attraction.

Most of you have been trying to take control of your life experience the hard way, by fixating on a goal and trying to figure out how to accomplish it, so you haven’t engaged the leverage of the energy that creates world’s to support you and that’s why you get depleted and that’s why eventually you say I’m going to give it up.

The biggest take away for me, from this Abraham Hicks recording is this:

I’m doing this because I want to consciously affect my point of attraction.

I want to consciously activate at the basis of that which I am, this powerful grid, and then I get to watch, as soon as a few minutes from now, the grid beginning to fill in.

You’re going to begin to feel your power.

You’re going to begin to feel the power of your ability to create.

You’re going to begin to feel your influence of the universe.

You’re going to begin to feel your influence with others.

You’re going to begin to feel the power of you standing in alignment with who you are, and the enormous difference that makes in your point of attraction.

You’re walking around all day and you’ve got stuff going on, and things are being attracted to what you’ve got going on, but when you deliberately align yourself with the energy of the source within you, now you’ve deliberately aligned yourself with everything in your vortex.

You’ve deliberately aligned yourself with the power of all of the universal forces.

You’ve aligned yourself with everyone who is non physically focused with you.

You’ve enhanced your point of attraction to the degree that everything in your world must be not just enhance dramatically.

Everything around you will revolve in a way that, as others stand back and watch you, they will be amazed at what they see because nobody should get to live a life like you’re living when they’re out there with all of their unrequited ambitions.

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