When Manifestations Are Happening Too Fast For You

Once you notice the Law of Attraction working in your favor, it’s a magical thing. However, sometimes the manifestations keep on coming and your vibration starts to drop, because you can’t keep up with them and often doubts and negativity start to creep in.

We all want to build up positive momentum with our manifestations, however here’s how to cope when the momentum is happening too fast…

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – When Manifestations Are Happening Too Fast For You – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 7 minutes

Transcripts from Abraham Recording

It’s been an incredible year for me millions of dollars, beautiful home, it’s been unbelievable. A job that I wouldn’t have designed and that’s the other little piece is that I’m getting things that had I had a magic wand I wouldn’t have designed them they’re better they’re coming and they’re better.

So, before you go further we have to say you did design it, you just designed it through sifting through contrast. You designed it incrementally. You designed it so personally and so incrementally that you were incapable, as is every one, of even comprehending the massiveness of the culmination of what you’d been putting into your vibrational escrow, but isn’t it nice to know you didn’t have to know every squirrely little detail, all you had to do is chill out and let the universe bring to you all of the components.

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It’s sort of like taking the components of some magnificent machine. Can you imagine finding all of the components of this ship in a pile somewhere? I’m thinking hmmm what could I do with these, or just that, and not realizing that you threw the pieces over there one at a time, and you didn’t even realize what was forming, but the broader perspective of that which you are did, and Law of Attraction did, and so then you get the element of surprise and delight as you allow yourself the discovery of what you did create.

In the midst of all this I end up with even more love than I realized. It’s all coming very fast and I put the brakes on so I have a question about that because as I look at it I know I want to jump into that deep end of the pool I know I want to go further and experience more but I hesitated this year recently and I don’t understand why I pulled back from…

Think about think about the two stories you’re telling, because they’re two very different stories. The first story was – I just lived life, I didn’t make a big deal out of it. I you a ton of things in vibrational escrow. I chilled out and the universe says here, here is this magnificent thing that you have been in the process of creating, and you said, oh look at that, didn’t know how wonderful it was but recognize that it does belong to me and I’ll take it.

The second story you’re telling is – I’ve got this idea of what I am wanting, and I’m working very hard at coming into vibrational alignment with it, in other words there it’s much more hands-on and much less allowing. If something feels like the deep-end don’t jump in, never jump into the deep-end unless you say I’m a high diver and the deeper the better. Unless you say, I’ve trained myself to be in the deep-end because the deeper it is the more agility and performance I can derive from it, but if you mean deep-end and the way you meant deep, then don’t get in the deep end, and don’t feel uncomfortable about not being ready to get in the deep-end.

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When you say I hesitate, we say that is the right response. Don’t jump in until the water calls you so powerfully that you couldn’t not jump in. In other words, wild horses couldn’t keep you from jumping in. You’re jumping in, everybody saying don’t jump in, and you’re saying to them all – get lost, I’m going in.

Yesterday with contrast you said if you’re really sick, then you’ve never been weller. 

It’s a stock market. It’s a roller coaster. The future economy of your world is assured, because the more of that there is, the more asking there is, and the more asking there is. the more answering there is. so there is a huge economy or vortex of all desires available to anyone who lines up with the the frequency of it.

Right, so I think you just answered the question actually which is – how do I close that, when you say if you’re not well if you’re sick then you’re in your vibrational escrow you’re never more well and the thought that occurred to me is well it sounded so wonderful that I thought I could get sick. I’d love to be that well, and so my point is, I don’t want to go there.

Well that was the point that we were making, in other words, in this way we don’t want you to get sick to be weller, but we want you to stop beating up on yourself when you find yourself exploring contrast. So many deliberate creators are now feeling uncomfortable about contrast as if they’re doing something wrong. We want you to learn to manage the contrast, to mine the contrast. We want the contrast to be the stuff from which your hopes and dreams and desires are made of, rather than something that feels ominous, as if it will overtake you then the detail so many people, in fact most of the world, speaks as if the world needs to be cleaned up so that I can view a spot of clarity and then feel good, and we’re wanting to say – don’t change the world, just change your focus. Don’t try to get rid of the contrast, just sharpen your ability to derive from the contrast things wanted.

You see that really is the powerful message that came out of yesterday’s gathering because many people when we began talking about the science of deliberate creation, people began becoming afraid of their thoughts. Cancel, cancel they say it, try to suck the thought back before a lot of attraction would get hold of it and create something that they did not want, and we want you to understand that wherever you are is fine.

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Wherever you put your boat in the stream you have the ability to let go of the oars and let the stream carry you to where you want to be, and so this is all about asking you to make more of an effort to stop defining the contrast as bad. 

It’s like when we talk about contrast we’re talking about the range of probabilities, but when we use the word contrast most people hear ‘things not wanted’ and we say of course there are things not wanted in contrast. Its contrast. There are things not wanted, in other things, wanted.

There things really, really, really wanted. There things really, really awful, and things really, really wonderful. Contrast as a whole is a good thing, and when you learn to pay attention to who you are and how you feel, then contrast is the environment from which you derive your ideas. It is the basis of expansion which means it is the basis of eternity, it’s wonderful.

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