What Do Physical Symptoms Mean

Have you ever wondered what your physical symptoms mean in relation to your vibration and what’s in your vibrational escrow?

Louise Hay wrote an entire book on the subject, but here we see what Abraham has to say about a woman who is suffering from a pain in the neck.

Once you are aware of your emotions, and use them to guide you, then pains like these should be a thing of the past.

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – What Do Physical Symptoms Mean? – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 5 minutes

From Abraham…

Okay, so another question is, when people have a physical manifestation, so I have this pain in my neck, literally, and do I have to figure out like what caused that, or I mean how do I deal with that vibrationally? 

So, here. We’re going to answer your question specifically, and then we’re going to go back and fill it in a little bit, because the answer is you do not have to go back and clean up anything in order to move forward from where you are. So, let’s say where you are, paining your body in some way, and in this moment of contrast you know what you don’t want. You’re launching a rocket of desire that says I want a strong and healthy good feeling body, and that has just gone into your vibrational escrow again, where the source energy part of you is tending it and living it, and now all you literally have to do is walk toward that, and that will be your experience, and what we’ve noticed is that every moment that someone looks back, trying to figure out how they got here, they walk that way, rather than that way.

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You see, you can, almost without exception, when you go back to try to clean something up, you move in the opposite direction of what that has caused your life to be propelled toward, you see. So, yes of course there isn’t anything wrong with going back and cleaning something up, and in fact your vibration is where you last left it, and so the question that you’re really asking is, do I have the power from right here and now to focus so fully upon what I want, that I can make what I want the dominant vibration within me here and now, and we say that question is a question that only you can answer.

In other words, if there’s a really strong tugging of those, because you see, you’re not having this pain in your neck because you just started focusing on a pain in the neck, you’re having this pain in the neck because you’ve been focusing on a lot of stuff that you don’t want.

You’ve got your vibrational escrow moving so fast, and you focus on this and that and the other, that aren’t in, and so you’ve sort of caused a tug-of-war, that’s what that’s all about. There’s this vibrational strain that’s going on within you, where the source is going this way and you’re not always going that way, and so it’s causing a tension in your body, and so the easy answer would be, just let go of this and go, but but that’s an easy answer that’s too simplistic, because the reason that you don’t let go of it is because you have these vibrational patterns of thought that are active within you, and so the answer to your question is really yes, to both parts of it. 

Yes, you can just let go, and yes you, yes you don’t have to go back and clean that up, but there are things that you’re thinking about that do need to be cleaned up before you can let yourself go, usually, and so we would just start where you are and let the negative emotion that you feel be the indicator that there is something going on that is contradictory with who you really are.

Have you noticed, and a pain in the neck is one of the best manifestations for what we’re about to give you, of anything that we have seen. If you ever been sort of on the edge of pain in the neck, or not.


And thought a positive thought where the pain went away.


And thought a negative thought where the pain becomes more acute.

In other words, all it is is an exaggerated guidance system that’s letting you know which way you’re leaning, and so as you take that opportunity to now let the pain in the neck be your guidance, because you’ve been ignoring the real emotions that are your guidance for so long, that the pain in the neck had to come forward. You get that, don’t you?

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If you’ve got emotions that are letting you know that there’s a vibrational variance between who you really are and who your being in this moment, and you don’t do something about the negative emotion by reaching for a thought that gives you relief. Don’t worry, this sensation will become stronger, and why is that? Why does it get, the indication becomes stronger, because, so you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. So your stream just moved faster, but you’re not going, and the fact that you’re not going means you really know what you don’t want, so you really know what you do want, so your streams moving faster, but you’re still not going.

So you really know what you don’t want, which makes your stream really go faster, but you’re not going. So you see what we’re getting at?

So when you realize that the indicator is just going to get stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger, then it’s helpful to stop and say, what is this indicator indicating, and the pain in the neck or whatever the sensation is, the negative emotion or the physical sensation, whatever it is, as it comes forward if you can, if you have the time in the moment, stop and say – what was I just thinking that caused this more acute discomfort?

What was I thinking, and then ask yourself this question – how does my inner being see that, and as you do that a few hundred times in a day, you will start seeing the world through the eyes of source. You’ll start tuning yourself to what’s in your vibrational escrow, the pain in the neck will go away, and you will allow yourself a full view of these manifestations that are coming into view for you. Did you get that?


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