Understanding Vibrational Escrow

Everything we’ve ever wanted and not received is in our vibrational escrow, so it’s no wonder you want to learn how to understand it. Once you understand it, hopefully you can then get more of what you’ve put in there, out.

Meditation is one of the best ways to access our vibrational escrow – or as Abraham and Esther Hicks often refers to it – The Vortex. Meditating for 15 to 20 minutes a day for nine months allowed Esther to tap into her Vortex and achieve her connection with Abraham.

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Eeek! NINE months of meditating! I know, it seems like a very long time before seeing results, however she DID see results before then. You can see results TODAY, if you want. Meditating daily is a way to strengthen your connection with Source.

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – Understanding Vibrational Escrow – to hear the full audio on this subject.

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What is the relationship between vibrational escrow and action? How does vibrational escrow influence my actions on a moment-to-moment basis?

If you wanted to use the word ‘right action’ Abraham would say – since you are where you are, and you just can’t get around that, you are wherever you are, so right action is the action, the thought, the word that feels the best from where you are.

Not the best you’ve ever felt, because you can’t necessarily feel the best you’ve ever felt from where you are, just the best you can feel from where you are is the right action.

The right action is leaning in the direction of who you are, because we think that what goes wrong with a lot of people is they want to be over there, but they’re over here, but they’re so unhappy that they’re not over there that they can’t get over there.

If you want to be over there, and you’re just so unhappy that you’re over here, and you say – oh I’ve got to get the right action going so that I can be over there – it turns you upstream every time, but if you make peace with where you are, that’s the first right action that make peace with where you are.

Vibrational Escrow

A Message from Abraham…

In an attitude of reaching for the best feeling thought, you can find now you begin moving in the direction of.

Everyone is an extension of Source Energy and everyone has access to infinite intelligence, all you have to do is tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of that. Esther achieved it through nine months of meditation. Nine months of meditating every day for 15 or 20 minutes, so as you quiet thought, you stopped resistance.

As you stopped resistance, you go with the flow of who you are.

As you quiet your mind, you stop resistance.

As you stop resistance, you go with the flow of who you are.

We teach meditation because it’s easier to teach you to have no thought than to have pure positive thought. When you release resistance, you let go of the oars, you go with the flow of who you are.

So let’s say that you are new to this intention of coming into vibrational alignment with the intention of this powerful word flowing through you, and you’re new at it, and insecure with it. Well your insecurity is a mismatch to the security of your source energy, so if you’re worried that you’re not doing it right, if you’re comparing yourself with others, if you’re jealous that somebody else is doing it, if you’re fearful that it won’t happen to you, if you feel doubt about what you’re doing, you’re upstream, and it’s never gonna get any better.

If instead you are saying things to yourself like, well I’m new at this and and I’m enjoying it, and I’m looking forward to it, and all things in good time, and I’m sure everyone who’s now experiencing the full blossoming of that was at one time where I am just beginning. So as you make peace with where you are in the beginning, Esther said to us on many, many occasions, she doesn’t ask it anymore because she knows now, but she would say, Abraham I’m wanting to speak clearly your words, and am I, and our response to her was always the same.

It’s perfect. It’s perfect, even though we knew, and know that with every word she speaks her ability to speak for us becomes clearer and better. She tunes herself to the vibrational frequency of it to the degree that every nuance that we are offering to her vibrationally she is receiving, and knowing exactly how to translate it. The subtleties of what we mean to say are being spoken to perfection and getting better.

We did not say to her way back then in the beginning, because what she spoke was powerful. It’s still the tenant of this basis of what we’re teaching, now this book Law of Attraction came right from those first days of us interacting with Jerry in response to the questions that he was offering. It was good in the beginning, and getting better, and that’s the thing that we want you to say to yourself no matter what – I’m doing fine where I am, and it will become more. I’m doing perfectly where I am, and it will become more and in that attitude of improvement think about that relative to anything as you make peace with where you are.

It has to get better if you are uncomfortable about where you are, it can’t get better. It is defiant of what’s in your vibrational escrow.

How has it happened that Abraham became available at this point in human history?

What Abraham are offering today is not a new message. It’s just being spoken in the vernacular of your now, so it feels new.

Non-physical has been calling you toward the fulfillment of who you are for as long as you’ve been asking, and as long as you’ve been in existence you’ve been asking so it’s been a steady and constant evolution.

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It’s an interesting thing because even in the work that Jerry and Esther have been doing in allowing Abraham to flow through their process in response to so many questions in the early days, Esther made Jerry promise not to tell anyone, because the whole thing just felt too odd to her. It was such an interesting thing for her to relax and feel a clarity and a power sweep through her that was beyond anything that she had known. She knew that something amazing was happening but she did not know how others would feel about it. In fact she was pretty sure she did know how others would feel about it, and so Jerry kept his promise for a week, not much longer than that because he was so excited about what was happening, but in the early days it was the power of Jerry’s wanting to know the questions that he had accumulated over the years that he had lived that far that were at the basis of what was being evoked from Abraham.

Then, little by little, Jerry could not contain himself because the clarity and the power of what was being offered was so strong so he began inviting a person here, and a person here, until there began to be a few hundred people that were gathering round that were wanting to hear.

Some of you even here in this city remember coming when there were 20 or 30 or 40 people that were wanting to have this conversation. Abraham said to Jerry and Esther right from the beginning there will never be a crowd on this leading edge of thought, and it truly is just that – a leading edge of thought. Then as more and more people begin hearing them speak about law of attraction, as they begin hearing them authoring their explanation of why you are here, and the power, and the reason for your beingness, more and more began asking.

When the movie The Secret came out, they came to Jerry and Esther and asked if they could build a movie. It was going to be a television movie around their work. Jerry and Esther were hesitant about it at first, in the sense that they understood that the world might not be ready for it, but the brilliant producer knew the way to express it. She expressed it in a way that much of the world then could begin to feel the power of the law of attraction.

Now what is happening, there are millions of people around the world that are now asking – I’m hearing about this law of attraction, and I innately at many levels of my being can feel that it is true, and I do understand to some degree that I do get what I think about, but it feels to me like my thoughts are controlling me. I’m having a hard time controlling my thoughts and so just recently even in the last few months there has been an upheaval of requests, a sort of worldwide swelling of a right – if I am the creator of my own reality and if this Law of Attraction thing is a real thing – How do I apply it? How do I know what I’m doing?

People are afraid of their thoughts – cancel, cancel. We’re trying to suck their thoughts back before law of attraction gets hold of them, and so in answer to all of that asking, we’ve now written another book. The most leading-edge book that helps these people that are now understanding that Law of Attraction abounds, and that they do create their own reality.

How to utilize the guidance that comes forth from within in order to guide themselves so that they are not like a cork that is bobbing about.

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It is life experience that brings about the asking, and when you ask source always answers without exception. The question is – are you in the vibrational proximity to hear the answer? It is only through the utilization and conscious deliberate understanding of what your emotions mean, that you can deliberately choose the thoughts that get you into vibrational alignment with who you are so that you can then live the life that you came forth to live you.

Not one of you said – I’ll go forth, I’ll separate myself from who I am, and I’ll bang around in this physical experience. Not one of you said that. You all said – I’ll go forth. I’ll explore. I’ll know what I don’t want. I’ll know what I do want, and I’ll use the guidance that comes forth from within in order to live the fulfillment of what life has caused me to know what I want.

It’s such a perfect plan.

You have come forth with such powerful reason. It is such fun to play with you, and we want to say to you that this question has never been asked before in this way. The combination of that which you are, and that which we are, has never been before and to all of the universe it is truly a leading-edge creation, and you all knew that too. None of you came as regurgitators, you all came forth as creators, and creators you are.

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