If It’s Done, How Do I Get It

Abraham Hicks it is done

This is what everyone has asked at one time or another when *trying* to manifest something – if it’s done – how do I get it?

Why do we overthink things that are meant to be so simple?

Abraham explains what it means for it to be done and what our role is in order to receive these manifestations.

Abraham Hicks Video ‘If It’s Done… How Do I Get It?’.

Length: 13 mins

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I have a…

Did we tell you that it’s done?

That’s my question. I’ve been in a profession for 20 years. It’s appearing that my part in this profession is ending. I’m not sure what I want to do next, so the focusing and the asking isn’t so specific.

But you see, what you’re not realizing is, what you’re not realizing, and don’t feel bad because he didn’t realize it either, is that in all that you, in all that you’ve been living, you have prepared your next part. And just because you can’t articulate it, just because you can’t define the precise details of it, doesn’t mean that through the life you’ve been living that you have not been asking for it. Does that make sense to you? Do you get it, that when, so is this something that you’ve been enjoying doing?

For the most part, yes.

And do you understand, so as you’ve been enjoying doing it, do you think that you’ve been asking for more of it?

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I’ve been asking for more. I’m okay with not being… I’m a lawyer and I do a very particular type of law through different things, legislations, the Supreme Court. What I do is probably going to be ending. I like what I do, but, and I don’t, I don’t really want to do anything different in law.

Do you think that in your living of life, in your deciphering of the details of what you have been doing, that you have been making some conscious and unconscious contributions into your vibrational escrow. In other words, when you say you don’t want to do anything with law again, why not?

I liked what I did particularly. If I could find something…

We will ask you very precise questions, and as you focus upon the question itself, you will discover what we’re going after and we think you’re really gonna like it. So, so when you say I don’t really want to do what I do, what is the, what is the dominant reason that you say that?

Because the area that I got to practice and I got to help a lot of people I was in a group where I wasn’t pinned down to a rural nine-to-five job

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All right, so, so think about what you’re saying. You’re saying, so from it from I carved out a little piece of the law world and I got to exercise my agility. I got to use the clarity of my mind. I got to uplift people, which is what I really like to do, and you realize that every time you felt a little bound up in something, where it didn’t feel like you were getting to do all of that, that you asked even more clearly for all of that. That’s what we mean when we say, you’ve set something up. You, it’s not possible for you to have lived all of that life and not have created the next powerful and beautiful thing for yourself, and what throws so many of you is because you can’t decipher it and articulate it precisely, then you’re not sure that it’s even there. That’s why we spent quite a bit of time in this gathering making an effort to convince you that when you know what you don’t want, you know more clearly what you do want ,and when you are enjoying something that you do want you are putting that into your vibrational escrow too.

In other words, everything that you’ve been living has been cueing you up for the next step, the next phase of your experience which is more opportunity to assist others, still getting to use your mental acuity, still getting to make a lot of money from it, still getting to be the uplifter that you’re born to do. In other words, all of that is there for you and we just want you, that’s a reason that we were so outrageously obnoxious as we are shouting at you that it is done, it is done, it is done ,and then you the two of you, quite a pair you are, begin by saying something like – well was it really done?

And, we want you to know that it’s done, it’s done, it’s done, it’s done, it’s done.

Now we understand that it’s more difficult for you to believe that it’s done because most of you have been letting your belief about the manifestation of things come after you see the manifestations of things, but it is our promise to you that as you start feeling for the doneness of things. As you start feeling for it, you’ll recognize that it’s just a matter of you feeling your way… Jerry began by talking about his movement toward Esther, in other words, that was, that was in the works long before either one of them ever laid eyes on either one of them. In other words, what they were each living was putting into their vibrational escrow this which we are all about. This which we are all about was swirling and calling them both toward it. You get a sense of what we’re talking about?

I do.

So the question then would be? If you know it’s done, and you know it’s good, and you know, you got to know it’s good because you put it there incrementally so it’s detailed and precise and pleasing to you because it’s your creation, so if it’s there, and it’s good, and it’s done, then what’s the next logical question?

How do I get over there where it is? And the answer is – by not being so aware that you’re not over there where it is. By knowing that it’s there and by trusting, by trying to find the feeling place that things work out alright for me, and I know I’ll know it when I see it, and I couldn’t have lived all this life without cueing it all up, and it’s fun to be in the process of sifting and sorting, and I like the feeling of becoming more aware of what’s coming next, and I can feel that it’s there.

There isn’t really anything for me to do to make it happen.

Why? Because it’s done. Because it’s done.

So even though I don’t have a picture board or…

Get right into it.

Even though I don’t have a picture board, or a focus, or… I can, I can at least think about the feeling of what it would be like…

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You could make it. You could make a picture board if you want to, and on it paste feelings instead of stuff. In other words, what do you, what do you, what is the picture that you have of your life, it, put things on it that represent well-being, that represent abundance, that represent a feeling of security, that represents fun. In other words, rip through those magazines and posters, and anything that you can find. Get on those websites and print out those things that represent the kind of life that you want to live… calm looks on people’s faces, happy looks on people’s faces, clearly good feeling bodies, clearly beautiful lives that they’re living. In other words, make your boards, make your, but do the work, not to make it happen but to enjoy the process of coming into place.

The name of this creation game is – first it has been asked for, which you’ve already done. Did we mention that it’s done? It’s been answered. It is done. So now everything about you is about preparing yourself vibrationally for the receiving of it. So how would you prepare yourself vibrationally for the receiving of a life that felt like utter security? How would you prepare yourself for that?

Imagine it. Think it.

By remembering moments of security. By watching for evidence of security. By noting moments when you feel secure. How would you prepare yourself? How would you become a vibrational match to a stimulating expansive career? How? What, what feelings? What does that feel like?

It feels a bit like I’ve had in this past.

It does. So that’s why we’re asking for some words to describe it.

I felt a part of a group that were bright and creative, and belonging and being productive, and just being at joy in what I did.

So, now feel that as you use those words. They were very good words, but what was even better about your using those words, is that you were using them to describe something that induced a feeling within you as you tried to describe it, you see. So as you used those words to describe that feeling, you made that feeling come about which caused that vibration. So, what would you put on a picture board that would represent the abundance that you that you are expecting. How would you enhance the abundance? How would you line up with the abundance that’s done, that’s done, that’s done,that’s in your escrow. How would you line up with that abundance? Thinking in terms of putting feelings on a picture board, what does abundance feel like?

Feels like freedom.

Freedom. So, how how could you picture freedom?

Going on this trip.

This trip and another, and another, and another. Seeing the world. Doing what you want. Laying on the beach. Sitting and doing nothing but basking in the deliciousness of details that please you. By putting things on the board that you really like to do, like shopping or playing tennis, or whatever it is. In other words, anything that represents your, or enhances your sensation of freedom, put it on the board in some way. You get a sense of – do everything that you can to induce within yourself the feeling that once what’s done manifests, you know you will feel…

But isn’t that trying to get to the end without doing the work to get to it? Okay, so maybe not such a good idea.

Tell her.


The work is done. The work is done. The work is done. You did… you know what your work is, dear hearts? You know what the real work is? Sifting through the contrast, that’s the work, and everything else is payoff. That’s the work, but the work is done. The work is done and that was the work. That was the work. That was the work, you came forth to expose yourself to the variety that would cause you to decide, to decipher, to conclude, to prefer, to desire you see, and in all that you’ve lived.. ah what a vibrational escrow you have created. Now you have to find ways to induce the feeling of what you’ve created, to come forward into a chronic steady, pulsing, throbbing vibration. You can’t just occasionally find the feeling of it, in other words, you got to feel it. You got to feel it.

So, the work might be recognizing that you’re not feeling it and then feeling it, but the work is vibrational work. It’s emotion shifting work. Its relief seeking work. So, at first it might feel like relief, relief, relief but before you know it, it’s gonna feel like, it’s gonna feel like elation and interest, you see. So, certainly we’re not wanting you to only put on your board of emotions feelings of freedom that may to some sound like running away from the work that you say you want. We would, we would put pictures or conjure pictures that bring forth from within you feelings of satisfaction. In other words, imagine sitting around those tables, in those environments where people are figuring things out. Imagine being on world issues with world leaders talking about things that matter to large numbers of people. Imagine having those aha moments.

Have you enjoyed the aha moments that we’ve had here together? Don’t you just love listening, and being part of something, and then being right there, and going to the new place with a whole lot of other people who went there too? Don’t you love the feeling of the synergistic power of that?


You see, so put those things on your picture board and when you put feelings on your board you don’t have to hide it in the closet, because nobody else knows what it means anyway. They say – what’s that, and you say – well that’s just something that makes me feel good when I think about it. That’s just something that, that represents who I am and what life means to me, and anyone standing and looking at it would say – well that looks like a pretty frivolous life. I don’t see any coal mining on there. I don’t see any wrestling anybody to the ground. I don’t, I don’t see any ten commandments on there. I don’t, I don’t see, I don’t see any of the things that I’m accustomed to seeing in people who are striving for success, and you say to them – oh it’s all there. It’s all there, because the work is done, you see, the work is done. You tell them, the work is done, now I’m just luring myself into vibrational alignment with the work I’ve already done.

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