How to Teach Others

Many people who follow the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham Hicks, want to share their learning with others. In this recording (and transcripts below) Abraham explains the vibration you need to be in to be of value to your potential students.

Abraham also shares how to use the Law of Attraction to attract students – yay!

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – How to Teach Others – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 9 minutes

From Abraham…

It’s a pleasure to be here in this moment with you, Abraham.


My question has a few parts, and it starts with – is there a unifying purpose that we all have in this experience on this planet?

Joyful experience.

Joyful experience. So, having said that, are there some people here to help others to help this planet move towards that purpose such as…

Everyone, no exception.

So, having said that, you mentioned, it was either yesterday, the day before, that if we tried to create this Utopia that we’d be eliminating contrast, and I had a hard time with that as I feel that I’m very in line with helping others move closer to joy, and that being a huge inspiration of mine.

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Well, it’s the Utopia that you are seeking to evolve, and witness, and demonstrate through the clarity of your example, if that Utopia is individual empowerment, then we say that’s the basis of our work, but if Utopia is a set of ideas which are the only right ideas, then that is in conflict with our idea of Utopia. In other words, going back to your first question about, we want you to feel that, in that contrast in the wanted and unwanted, in that contrast is the expansion of the Universe and in that lining up with that expansion is the joy.

So, without the contrast there cannot be the asking, and without the asking there cannot be the answering, and without the answering there cannot be the aligning, and without the aligning there isn’t the joy, because it turns out that the joy, that sensation of joy isn’t in the arriving out of Utopia, it’s in the moving in the stream toward the ever evolving Utopia.

Utopia sounds like a final place, a complete place of achievement and there is not that. It’s this eternal quest of expansion, the feeling of joy. First of all you would not know joy if you had not known otherwise, so contrast serves you even in your recognition of joy, doesn’t it?

So, our friend started yesterday with the conversation about not getting the same bells ringing over things that previously rang bells, and we say so Utopia has to keep moving in order to keep bringing forth joy. So, when you realize that the contrast is what causes this asking and then aligning, moving in the direction of what you’re asking for, is what gives you the ride on the stream.

We talked about this Vortex that begins to amass, and the energy of the Vortex, and the feeling of coming into the vicinity of it, and the sensation of being swept into it. That really is what that passion and joy and love and appreciation and freedom – that’s what that exaltation is you see, but you cannot be there in every moment, there has to be a basis of comparison in order to be able to feel the deliciousness of that, of that.

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So, we would like you to get as quickly as you can into the vicinity of appreciation and joy, and then we would like you to mine the eternal differences between the ever-expanding capacities for those joys you see. Joy is a big clumsy word that covers a lot of vibration you see, and when humans speak of joy they can’t even begin to articulate it in the way that we feel it you see, and sometimes you have glimpses of it, sometimes you feel just a piece of it, but most humans have not found a way to maintain that joyous experience.

It would sort of burn out your circuits if you could feel it in the way that we feel it. Esther felt the day that she began to receive us fully, on the first day, she said it was like having her toe in a light socket. It took her months to get vibrationally up to speed with that which we are you see.

So, it seems as though we’re in this time of awakening and there’s a lot of people coming forth that want to help people move towards joy, and there’s lots of phrases that go along with that, entering different energies, there’s lots around 2012, and there’s all these different things floating around, and a lot of people buy the seems of it coming into this work what advice or information can you share on that to help people inspired in this time to move the planet towards joy.

We would say, teach first through the clarity of your example. In other words, if you have decided that you want to be part of the awakening and teach people, coax people, coach people into alignment with who they really are, then make a decision that you will consciously and steadily come into alignment with who you are, because words do not teach. It is only life experience that teaches, and so often people worry they’ll say – I want to teach about success, but I do not have the financial abundance surrounding me that would support the success that I want to teach others, and we say if you understand that the success that you’re teaching is the achievement of joy, and you have found a way to consistently be joyful, then you’re ready to go you see.

Many Students, Many Teachers

We heard, even today, another idea of a way to approach this subject of coming into alignment, and they are endless. Esther said in the beginning as she began receiving us, and would hear ripples of other movements of going on. She would say – Abraham why are they making up all of these ridiculous stories, because while she was receiving made so much sense, and in some ways it was annoying to her that so many were parroting what was flowing through her, and in other ways it was annoying when they were parroting something that didn’t make any sense to her, and we said, if every student were in the same place then only one teacher would be necessary, but since there are so many students, in so many different vibrational vantage points, then there are endless teachers that are coming forth, and Law of Attraction will make the match you see.

So, that is the thing that we would most powerfully want to present to anyone who had decided that they want to be a teacher of well-being. We would say, let law of attraction bring you your audience. Don’t try to manipulate it, or manage it. Get into vibrational alignment and let Law of Attraction bring them to you, and of course when you come into alignment endless ideas will flow to you. We’re not saying take no action. We’re saying, take no action before you found your vibrational alignment with joy.

Understand why you’re doing it.

Keep asking yourself – why am I doing this?

What is the reason that I’m doing this, and if the reason that you’re doing it really is – I am an uplifter, and there is nothing that brings me more joy than to see myself being a catalyst to bring someone closer to who they are, then there is no way that you cannot succeed, but if financial remuneration is your intention, and you do not factor in – it’s alright for that to be part of your intention, it just cannot be the basis of that which you are about you see, and then most important of all, and we talked about this just a little bit ago, if you are the emotional scale, here’s love and appreciation and joy, and here is overwhelment and frustration, and here is anger and more anger, and fear and depression, and along this emotional scale, if you are up here in this place of feeling wonderful much of the time, and the majority of the world are the people that you’re seeking to help are ranging somewhere between depression and fear and anger, they can’t hear you and you can’t hear them, and our powerful message to all teachers as you just heard us address another, do not go there to get them, because going there to get them means you become like them, and then you have nothing to give them when you get there.

Be who you are, and let Law of Attraction bring them to you, and Law of Attraction will. It is our promise.

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