How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

Have you ever felt like a fraud?

Whether it’s in a job, with friends, your family or even with strangers, it’s not a nice feeling and it can often be a familiar feeling that pops it’s head up more often than you’d like.

So, what does it mean?

Are you actually a fraud and some internal warning system is telling you, you shouldn’t be doing whatever you’re doing?

NO! You can’t be a fraud and you’re actually being much harder on yourself than you deserve – so stop it!

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 15 minutes

What you are really feeling is the disagreement between you and your inner being, because your inner being knows the authenticity of you and it’s only a thought away for you to get back there. So, the less frequently you say that, or focus upon that, or beat the drum of that and keep that active within you the better you are going to feel.

Here are more accurate words to use…

I often feel in opposition to what my inner being feels and right now I chose to call myself a fraud in the explaining of it but what I’m really doing is just holding myself as my own object of attention and disapproving, and as my inner being doesn’t do it, then I get a big hairy ikky word to describe myself.

… and I’ve practised doing it for so long that I don’t think I can go cold turkey.

It’s really the way I’ve been seeing myself and quite often I want to express it so that people will explain to me that that’s not really true, but it isn’t really true, it isnt’ even close to true, it’s off, it’s bogus, it’s inacurate, stop saying it… now!

Don’t enable this behavior.

Another thing you may do is to go into great detail when reciting an incident in your past. Usually a negative story and by doing so you are keeping this story alive and within your current vibration.

Ask yourself – Do I really have to say that?

Think about it this way – if your inner being was reciting the same story, they’d be telling an entirely different story, if they recited it at all.

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You recite these stories for YOUR benefit, so why not side with your inner being if you ever have to retell the story again.

The conversation can go in a way that makes you feel what less like a fraud, or in a way that makes you feel more like afraud and your inner being is rooting for that way.

Be less specific in telling the story. Instead of 25 to 30 years, say a long time ago.

When you step back into an old environment, such as visiting your childhood home, your old school, previous place of employment or old hangouts from past relationships, and you feel uncomfortable then reciting this might help see things in a new light…

A Message from Abraham…

“It could be while I was gone I was letting my environment control my vibration and when I went to a different environment I let that environment control my vibration, and that’s why I feel like a fraud.

I’m not being true to who I am.

I’m being true to expectations of others, so it’s sort of fun to move from place to place to see the variable in what they expect, and maybe my life shouldn’t be moving around until I find the perfect environment that evokes perfectly from me.

Now go general. 

Take this specific thing and place you mentally in that environment.

What general statement could you make?

 “I want to stop being the fraud who… and be the authentic being who…”

You can’t feel that yet because you aren’t convinced which part of you is real and which part of you is not real.

We would like to just be able to say simply to you, when you don’t feel good it’s the not real part and when you feel really good that’s the real part.

Do you get it that you’re Source Energy?

Do you get it that the better you feel, the more in alignment with who you really are?

Our parents, replace our guidance system at an early age as they taught us – you should please me, and it’s really hard when the one who says you should please me is unpleasant.

If you are like most people, you have not really found your authentic self.

You’re looking to this one, and this one, and this one, and relying on someone’s impression, or opinion, or pleasure for your awareness of where you stand.

It’s an easy thing to do because you want to uplift, and when someone is pleased by what you do then you’re winning in a sense, but it never really works out very well.

What you’re really wanting to do is to remember who you are.

Find a way of taking this situation and this conversation and turn it into a way that your inner being can join you in the thought.

You’re going to come into your own power and alignment.

What you’re wanting is the resonance of source, not the approval of others.

When you say you feel like a fraud, what you are really saying is you want to be your authentic self.

In situations that test this, go general in your observations.

When being faced with feelings of being a fraud, it is your inner being showing you that you still have work to do in fully living your authetic self.

You separate yourself vibrationally from your clarity and power and joy and love, and then you blame others for you feeling like that. Whether it’s someone close to you, the government, the economy or any other target.

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Because you don’t feel good right now, and you’re sure it’s not you because you want to feel good, so you wouldn’t do it to yourself, it must be someone else.

As you feel the discord of having somebody not being real with you, then your attention to their not being real makes you not real either, and then that’s your point of attraction.

That’s why the need to control things is so rampant on the planet.

It’s why almost everybody’s mad at somebody about something and it’s such a waste of potential joyous moments, and then you call other people that agree with you about how angry you are because you should be angry.

Most of the planet will validate you’re right because they’re doing it in their own life to some degree.

Instead, go in the vortex and be authentic.

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