How to Build Your Confidence

As Abraham Hicks teaches confidence often comes with a feeling of worthiness.

The more you are tapped in, tuned in, turned on the greater your feeling of confidence.

What if your lack of confidence comes from being around others?

Is there something you can do to gain greater confidence?

Of course! Abraham has the answer…

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Listening time:  9 minutes

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From Abraham…

I struggle with self-confidence and self-worth. Now, it doesn’t mean that I’m not worth anything, I know that. Everything that I do certainly carries value, however I think that I don’t necessarily believe, and I think that through the explanation of the grid, I really began to understand that you know, hypothetical situations are really out of the question when it comes to this, and you really have to believe, and you know especially with relationships to other people, you really have to know that’s really what it is. 

It’s about knowing, and I guess what my question is that you know I can see things and other people really well, however I can’t see them in myself, and maybe that’s because I don’t believe in myself, and I guess I need to change that part about the grid and not say that I don’t believe in myself well.

Here’s the thing, first of all give yourself a break, and next of all realize that the way that confidence is going to come, and the way that feeling of worthiness is going to come that you’re really reaching for is by deliberately offering a vibration and then watching the grid fill in.

Isn’t that the way you gain confidence in anything?

By finding a way to accomplish effective results.

Isn’t that what confidence is?

Finding a way to accomplish effective results.

So you said something so wonderful, being the uplifter that you are, the giving person that you are. You see the reason that you want to be in the right place at the right time and do the right thing is because you want to be beneficial to others. In other words, you are an uplifter.

As you talked about what would it be like if they all knew what you’re coming to know well, that they all begin feeling great like you’re coming to feel great, the word that is often offered from our physical friends when they sit in the hot seat they want to find worthiness and security. They sort of wrap around into the same vibration.

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Abraham Hicks Confidence

We know that we can’t love you enough to cause a situation to happen, to give it to you instantaneously, but we know that we can love you enough that we can establish a vibrational grid that when you begin to catch a whiff of it as you have, with your mother listening to these recordings, and you’re catching a whiff of it. As you catch a whiff of it you can feel the resonance of it.

When you feel that resonance, that means that you’re on the track.

You’re on the vibration.

It means that you’re close enough that you’re beginning to pick up on your true grid, and what you truly know.

That’s what the feeling of worthiness is.

Abraham Hicks Confidence Made Easy

That’s what the feeling of confidence is.

It’s not about the specific activity that you’ve accomplished. It’s about that basic understanding that no matter what, you’re good, and no matter what, all is well, and no matter what, you can apply this to whatever is important to you.

Because there will always be something more that you want.

There will always be a gap between where you stand and what you want. That will always be there. But it is our promise to you, there will not always, or for much longer, be the gap between your understanding that you can have whatever you want, it’s just a matter of focusing in order to allow it.

That worthy confidence, when that happens, oh when that happens, you ask what would happen when everyone comes to know what you’re coming to know. What will happen is fewer people will need to try to fill the void with things that won’t fill it.

People are running around looking for ways to fill that void and in all the wrong places – buy one more thing and bring it home, join one more club, get one more mark on the chart, climb to a higher level, stand on a bigger bully pulpit, get more attention pointed toward me, and in most cases there’s just not enough that they can do to feel that much better, because they’re not tending to what really matters.

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When they tend to what really matters, and your true power is resonant within you continuously then you begin enjoying life.

Then people who are watching you, feel this ease and confidence in you, and they don’t really know what it is, but if they will watch you for a while, these are the things that they will begin to use in their explanation of you.

These are the things that they will say about this person. There is a confidence that is there, but there is also an appreciation of others that is there, and there will always be those not on the vibe of that who will not find, will not verbalize their appreciation of that, because they can’t.

You can’t let someone who doesn’t get it bother you.

That’s why your two questions as they dovetail together are so important. What would it be like if they all did it. Well it’d be really nice, but we don’t want you to wish for that because they’re not all going to get it, and it has to be alright with you that they don’t all get it.

You have to want it, not so that they’ll get it, you have to want it so that you’ll get it.

Then when you want it so that you’ll get it, more of them will get it, but you can’t want them to get it and that’s why you want to get it.

That’s what messes it up.

That’s where it starts to go screwy.

When you do it because they need it, now you’re not doing it.

But, when you do it because it’s natural to you, and because it’s what your true grid is, and you click into that, and you find that worthy self confident feeling, then everything just turns out good for you.

People will watch you, some of them will be jealous, they’re not in the Vortex, but they will be because everything’s going your way.

Some of them will be attracted to you and they’ll want to know what you know, and when they are you can tell them what you know – I figured it out. I finally figured it out. It’s how I feel and I can control how I feel and as long as I’m controlling how I feel then it’s like there’s this grid that fills in with good stuff, and look at all the good stuff that filled in for me because I feel good.

They’ll say – well I don’t feel good, and say yeah that’s why good stuffs not filling in for you. Try it, it’s easy. It’s what we want to say to all of you, and it’s easier for you to find the ease of it than it is somebody who hasn’t been trying for a longer period of time.

The little ones are really easy.

Is that why one of the biggest criticisms I’ve had, you know pointed towards me, is that I’m emotionally, you know not vulnerable, or you know, I don’t necessarily connect on an emotional level with someone else, because…

Yes. You’re not willing to go specific in a direction that doesn’t feel good to you. That’s what they’re trying to describe to you.

You say talk to me. Talk to me. You need to talk to me about this thing that is bothering me.

You need to talk to me about this thing that’s bothering me, and unless I can get it to bother you as much as it bothers me you’re not there for me. You’re emotionally unavailable to me.

You want to say – you got that right.

I intend to remain emotionally unavailable to you unless you are specifically, ecstatically, joyously creating then I’ll join you completely.

If they don’t get that yet, you have to appreciate them for where they are in their process, right?

Love them where they are. Just love them where they are, because they are where they are, and no matter where they’d like to be, they are where they are, and if you can love them where they are then your grid doesn’t get messed up, but if you let where they are and not being able to love where they are be your experience, now you’re messing up your own grid.

Isn’t it interesting you got to love them where they are in order for your grid to work for you.

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