Get Clear Direction from Your Inner Being

We’ve all got an inner being who is sitting in our vortex, surrounded by everything we’ve ever put there and is waiting on our physical selves to raise our vibration, in alignment with the vibration given off by our vortex.

It may seem at times that they are sitting in there, having a great ol’ time and not doing anything to help us join them in there, but is that really the case?

Lucky for us, it’s not.

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – Get Clear Direction from Your Inner Being – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 10 minutes

Have you ever wondered how much our inner being is letting us know that this is the way to go?

Whether you are feeling the impulse to go that way, or the impulse to not go that way, it’s still the impulse to not go that way is still the impulse to go that way isn’t it?

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In other words, if you start to go that way, and you feel an aversion to it, aren’t you wise enough to translate – go the other way. There is nothing wrong with knowing that you don’t want to go that way which causes you to conclude that you do want to go this way. 

The source within you is always calling you strongly, loudly in the direction of what it not only knows that you want, but what it knows that you’ve already become.

A Message from Abraham…

Esther was not in the place where she was trusting her ability to articulate, and one night they decided to play a game with friends. The only people that they had, at that point, told about their Abraham experience, and they were living in Phoenix, Arizona.

They said to their friends – go out somewhere, take your car and go lose yourself somewhere in this valley. Now, it’s a more than 50 miles east west and north and south. It’s a very big valley.

Their friends said – do you want us to go to Scottsdale, or do you want us to go to Mountain Shadows, or do you want us to go to Tempe, or to Mesa, or to Ahwatukee? You want us to go to Glendale? Do you want to go to Phoenix?

They said anywhere go anywhere in this area. We’re gonna get Abraham to come and find you. So, they took their car and they went, and Jerry and Esther confidently got behind the wheel. Jerry is driving and Esther is receiving impulses from Abraham, and so sometimes Esther would say don’t go that way, and because she could feel that it was either that way, or that way, or that way and so she she could feel that it’s not that way, and it’s not that way it must be that way.

She was sort of feeling her way along, and so they went to a place and we said here, and they were nowhere around, and then we went to another place and we said here, and they were nowhere around, and Esther’s getting pretty irritated with us because she’s feeling very strong guidance that she believes, but when she gets there there is no manifestation to back it up.

They gased the car up twice that night, that’s because their promise was nobody goes home until we find you that was the deal they made with their friends, and so finally just before sun-up they found them, and Esther by then was furious with everyone and she said first we went to Mountain Shadows, we were behind the hotel by the dumpster, and they said well we were there.

Then Esther said, and then we went to Scottsdale and we were behind the Benihana, and they said well we were there, and as they went down their list of places they had been at all of them.

But, they said, well we kept receiving the impulse to keep moving.

It sounds like Abraham was playing the game. It sounds like Abraham was telling them go over there and then Jerry and Esther, go over there but before you get there, and that was not what was happening. We were not playing the game. We were showing Jerry and Esther where where they were but by the time Jerry and Esther would make it to where they were they had moved someplace else.

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The point that we were really wanting to make in all of this is that everything that you want is moving, and you are constantly closing the gap, and with enough clarity you got to understand this was a very early stages of Esther being able to receive us at all. Finally they did have their manifestation you see and so the source within you is not ever playing games with you.

You are the one that are doing the creating of your life experience. The source within you does nothing other than trust that you are in the perfect position to be the creator of your own reality.

That’s the thing that we really want to point out to you.

That’s the trust that we want you to garner, not trust in source so much, or trust in guidance, we want you to trust yourself. We want to trust you as we trust you think about it you are the leading edge of all that is eternal.

Don’t you think that’s quite a bit of trust that source has in you? 

Source trusts you to get out there and mix it up, because source knows the process.

Source knows that this perfectly balanced platform will inspire within you expansion and Source knows that no matter what, you cannot be permanently separated from that expansion, so Source has no reason to worry, because Source understands the process.

That’s what we’re trying to, in a way, convince you of. We want you all to start relaxing in your eternalness. We want you to start feeling better, the fact that you exist here means that you are leading edge.

It means that you’ve come with great reason.

It’s time for you to lighten up and love yourself and live in the moment more and enjoy the moment and be proud of who you are.

When things aren’t going your way, just remember that it’s part of the process of going through the data and extending the desire.

Be aware of the tantrums, and know the difference between feeling bad and feeling good, and want to feel good enough that you’re willing to reactivate on a conscious level your own guidance so that you can have the satisfying, joyful, expanding growth, not just the expanding growth.

A lot of people on this planet are adding immeasurably to the expansion, and are miserable now because they’re not listening to their guidance. They’re watching someone else’s approval, or disapproval, and when you find yourself throwing a tantrum, it’s because you’re trying still to find that place between giving yourself the permission to guide yourself by the way you feel.

You are on a stage a big part of your life, and when you’re not on a stage you’re moving around amongst people who have seen you on the stage, and it’s very difficult for someone, especially in your position, but it’s true of everyone to some extent, to separate who you are, and how you feel, from someone else’s perception of who you are and how they feel about you.

That’s not an easy thing. 

It’s easy if you are off on an island by yourself.

It’s easy if you are an introvert, or if you work in a small office. 

It’s easy if you don’t get out much.

It’s easy if you surround yourself with people who think just like you do, but to be out in the open with so many people forming their personal opinions of you, who don’t know necessarily what you know, you really have to get to the place fast of not giving a rip what they think.

But, how can you not give a rip about what they think when their response to you is important to what you are about, so this is the tantrum that you’re throwing. You’re in this process of reconciling, so get out there and entertain yourself.

Let your audience be the source within you, because when you hit timing, the source within you enjoys it beyond description.

Surprise yourself, do new routines right in front of everybody and surprise yourself while you are doing them.

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In other words you have to, no matter how much of a public figure you are, you have to reach the place where you really, really, really, really, really don’t give a rip what they think about you. So now suddenly your audience takes on a different format, and we think you’ve been there a lot, and often are mostly there, but you’re wanting to uplift them.

That’s the distinction you’re wanting to make – you don’t want to care what they think about you – you want to care about how they feel in the moment, so as you uplift them, as you inspire them, as you make them laugh, there isn’t anything that aligns people more than finding something that’s been bothering them that they can now laugh about those are gap closing experiences.

So, is what you’re wanting sitting behind that dumpster in Arizona?

No, it keeps moving. It keeps moving and you keep showing up and being bummed out that it’s not there, and then you keep showing up and being bummed out that it’s not there, so what you have to do is just hold this story in your mind and say to yourself right before dawn you’ll catch up.

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