Cash in Your Vibrational Currency

Money has  been flowing into your Vortex since you were born. It’s all in vibrational currency, just sitting there… in your Vortex, waiting patiently for you to ALLOW it to flow into your physical existance.

Often it’s not the amount that is the important point here, it’s how to get it out. How do you withdraw your vibrational money.

Show me the money!

Let Abraham advise you how to do just that…

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – Cash in Your Vibrational Currency – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 17 minutes

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From Abraham…

We think that it would be really helpful for you to focus upon another currency that is easily accessible to you that you cash in on all day, every day and that’s this vibrational currency, because on the wings of this vibrational currency will come all the money that you want to.

You just have to stop doing that thing you do about money.

It would be a sort of remarkable thing if suddenly you could begin offering a plethora of wonderful allowing words about money so we’re not gonna put you on that impossible spot, because you can’t change your vibration all of a sudden.

You can’t suddenly start thinking differently than you have been, but you can focus upon lots of things that put you in the step three allowing place.

Did you follow that?

Knowing what he doesn’t want, a lot of you are doing it too, has caused him to put all kinds of financial abundance in his vortex, but he doesn’t have access to it because whenever he thinks about money, he conjures a vibrational grid that won’t let it flow in.

It is so confounding isn’t it?

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I want it so much, why won’t it come?

That’s why.

It’s also not even necessarily focused on the money, it’s the things that it will bring as well.

Say you want a trip or a holiday or things like that, then it comes back to – how am I going to get the money? Even though I don’t really have a huge issue with money, I could always find it. It’s just that there’s not that whole sense of wellbeing.

Do you hear the grid that you are still practicing?

You’re arguing for your limitation. You’re explaining how it is, and of course you’re right. Everything that you are saying is exactly right.

It’s just vibrationally off.

You can’t get there from there. So what do you do when you’re offering a vibration that won’t let you have it. It would be like…

You’ve been working, you’ve been gathering up resources and you’ve been depositing them in your bank account, and then you go to the automatic teller, and you say – oh look at my bank balance, it’s really big because I worked last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before. It’s all in there, so give some of it to me, and it says access denied.

You got to be kidding me. Do you know how hard I worked to put that in there? Other people are getting money out of theirs, what’s wrong with you? Give it to me. Give it to me now.

Access denied.

Why would I not be able to get it out? Why can’t I get it out? I know that I deserve it. Somebody needs to call somebody.

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We know how frustrating it feels because when you want something that is not coming, it feels like someone else is preventing it, or something that you don’t understand is preventing it, or something that’s gone wrong, and it is so simple. It’s the simplest thing in the world. You are denying your own access because you keep feeling the way you feel about it.

You got to practice a different grid.

You were explaining to us, Abraham, I don’t feel bad just because I don’t have the money, because who wants pinky old smelly old piles of money. It’s what I can do with the money. Then you began to present to us the discomfort that you feel when you look out into this magnificent world and you see something that you would like to have, or experience, and you can’t do it.

Then you feel that emptiness.

How are we going to get around that if you’re standing in a place without something that you want, and you can’t get to it feeling the absence of whatever it is? How are you gonna get to it? What’s the answer? How are you gonna get there?

You got to think about something else, or you’ve got to find a way of thinking about it that isn’t so blatantly, so starkly, pushing against.

Tell us about the things in your world that are working well this year?

I started a new job that I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve got a great relationship with my partner, yeah we live so close by – even today it was just fantastic, it was just a five minute walk to get here this morning, so I know that there’s things that are going well. Exercise is something that I find easy to do. I enjoy getting out and running, and I make friends easily, and yeah, I’ve got a great network of friends, and I know that I could rely on. If I ever needed to rely on anybody they would instantly be there.

So, they come to the rescue of you?

Oh no, I don’t need rescuing.

Well, if you need them they come, you said.

If I wanted something from them, I would be able to, yeah.

Would you ask him for money? We just want to help you to establish your conscious awareness of your relationship with this Vortex.

Do you believe that you are the creator of your own reality?

Yes, I do believe that we can create our reality.

Do you believe that you can?

I would like to.

Does it make sense to you that you are emitting a vibration?


Can you tell the difference between feeling really good, and not feeling so good?


Does it give you a personal sense of empowerment when you are tuned into that sort of feeling of invincibility? You know what it feels like when you’re allowing the energy to flow, and you know what it feels like when you’re not.


So, you know how to create your own reality, or you know that reality can be created. So, where do you think the confusion is with you? In other words, do you believe that you’re vibrational? You do believe that. You do know that you can feel alignment, or not, so are you saying to us that you just can’t conjure that alignment, that wheel? That it feels to you that things happen, but that they happen to you.

So, if we can convince you that everything that happens is your grid filling in, and then we can convince you that you can count your grid, then can you see how you can control what fills in, because you’re controlling what your point of attraction is.

That was the best logic that we have ever expressed.

We want you to listen to the process that we are offering with everyone who will be in the hot seat, of moving them closer and closer to that which is necessary for them to allow what they are wanting. These are the things that we want to say to you now. This is what we know about your Vortex, but you’re not ready to know it, and it really is not that helpful when someone else knows it, and that’s the reason that we were pointing out to you that so many of our physical friends have looked to others for the fullfillers of their destiny.

The reason you do that – this is the missing piece for you – the reason that you keep waiting for someone else to deliver it, someone else to be the key, or the path. The, how is it going to get there. The reason that you look to others for that is because you’ve had a grid that has been filling in and you have been oblivious to the fact that you have a grid that has been filling in, so since you haven’t known that your grid was filling in, when it fills in, it feels like it is someone else’s doing.

Are you following? But when you start deliberately conjuring some images and holding them until you feel better. When you start deliberately doing the things that feel good. When you’re doing them, when you have taken some time like this, and then you watch what happens immediately following in the hours and the days following a raising of your vibration, you will never again find the mystery of the grid filling in. It won’t feel to you like it’s someone else fulfilling your destiny, someone else deciding what’s happening to you.

We really like this conversation. We like so much saying to you that the reason that you do not know for sure that you create your own reality is because you’ve been offering a grid that you didn’t know you were offering, and when their grid filled in it felt like it was coming by assertion from someone else. It feels like your employer is making all of those decisions about the way you were treated, or about how much you can earn. It feels like your government is making all kinds of decisions. It feels like your lovers, or your partners, or your husbands, or your wives, your mother’s or your fathers, or your children, or your siblings, or your peer group. It feels like everybody else has control over what’s happening to you and none of that is true.

You have control over the way you perceive them, and when you begin to exercise control over the way you perceive them, then you begin to offer a grid that is consistent.

The law of attraction is such a wonderful thing because it is so eternally and explicitly responsive to your vibration. In other words, the vibration that you are offering is always what you’re thinking, and what you’re feeling, and what you’re getting are always a perfect vibrational match.

 We’re going to take three minutes, and we’re going to see what’s happened.

Here are you, the creator of your own reality. Yes. 

Do you have the ability to offer a vibration just because you choose to? Yes.

Is your vibration contingent upon what is manifested already so you don’t have to keep regurgitating the old news, because it’s old news.

Do you have the ability to think around what is? Yes.

Can you imagine a different route to work so you don’t have to go the same way you’ve always gone? So, if there was something that you wanted to see along a different way it would be perfectly easy for you to just do it a different way. So, it’s not difficult to imagine seeing things differently than they have been.

Is your life multifaceted? Are there some things about it that are working better than others? Do you have the ability to focus more on the things that are working? Can you turn the other cheek and give your attention more to the things that feel really good? Do you think that you can offer a vibration apart from what has manifested? Yes.

Can you think about creation in conceptual terms rather than literal terms, in other words, can you think about the law of attraction? Can you think about emotions? Can you think about your existence before you came here into this physical body? Is it logical to you that there is a part of you that is not physically focused, that is pulsing at the same time? Yes.

Is it logical to you that when you stand in a moment of time giving your attention to something that, whatever it is, that you’re giving your attention to, and you’re forming an opinion about, that the source within you also has an opinion about it? And is it logical to you, that the emotion that you’re feeling is letting you know whether your opinion and the opinion of source about this are the same or different, so when you feel discouraged as you’re thinking about money or you’re thinking about your current income, or you’re thinking about your debt, or you’re thinking about what’s coming next. When you feel discouraged, that feeling of discouragement, does that mean that source is thinking the same, or differently? Differently.

So, does it now seem logical to you that every time you feel negative emotion, that you would call discouragement, that it actually could be a reason for strong encouragement, because that means source sees it different. How about that source sees this different.

I’m off my beat right here. I’ve practiced this thought again, practicing that so it’s easy to come to, but clearly source is not in agreement with this.

That’s good news. That means there is something in my vortex. That means there is a path. That means I can find a path.

Now, didn’t that make you feel better just acknowledging that?

So, source knows something I don’t know.

Is that logical? Is that something to celebrate? Source knows what I want. Source knows where I stand in relationship to what I want. If I would lighten up, source would show me the way.

This could be fun. This could be fun, and what we really want you to understand is that you think that you want to just go directly to what you want, and then in the no longer having the absence of it, in the living of the presence of it, but then you’d feel really good, but we want to say to you, and we want you to hear it. While it’s hard to hear, but we want you to hear it, because it’s the best part. It’s what you came for –

It’s the journey from where you are, to where you want to be, that it’s all about.

Once you get there, it’s really exciting for about that long. I’m on my way, I’m on my way, I’m on my way, I’m on my way, I’m there. Now what?

So, you’re not ever gonna get it done. There’s always going to be something more that you want. There’s always going to be something more, and we want you… let’s just take a minute, because this was such an important realization for many of you.

The very negative emotion that you think you don’t want is glorious guidance that lets you know the power with which you do want, and even more important, the power of that which you have already become.

Oh, if you sort of don’t want that, and sort of want that, when it comes, it feels sort of good. If you really don’t want that, and you really do want that, and you really want it, and you really want it. When you finally stop doing that thing you’re doing – you allowed it to come. It feels so good, but even more important, it feels good.

As you’re moving in the direction of it, you see you didn’t say – I’ll go forth and I’ll think a thought and it’ll be boom. If that were the case this would be a seminar on de-manifestation. 468 cars Abraham, it’s getting a little annoying, and so many houses I have no idea where I should spend my time, and my lover’s are piling up, but you didn’t say I’ll go for the manifestation, you said our goal, because contrast will inspire me, and it will feel good to come up with a new idea, I’m gonna like the freshness of a new desire, and I’m not going to be unhappy about it not manifesting instantly, because it is the object of attention to which I’m flowing my energy, it’s what’s giving me the reason for life.

I’m gonna have a joyous unfolding.

You see everyone who is living with appreciative awareness of current prosperity had a dry spell. Everyone, and it’s the dry spells, we love you so much, it’s the dry spells that are filling your Vortex full of what you want.

You said I’ll go and I’ll sift and I’ll sort and I’ll define and then I’ll do my best to line up with what I’ve defined and I would feel the resonance of it.

I will feel the ease of it.

I will feel the alignment of it.

I will feel the joy of it.

I will feel the alignment of it.

I will feel the connection of it.

I will feel the empowerment of it.

I will feel the vitality of it.

I will feel the invincibility of my alignment.

That’s the life that you’re feeling, and then after all of that ,I’ll get a manifestation. It’ll be great never-ending manifestations to punctuate my alignment.

Your manifestations are meant to punctuate your alignment, not to be the reason for it.

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