Being Satisfied with Each Moment

Be Satisfied with each moment

You’ve maybe never thought about it before, I certainly hadn’t, how important it is for our manifestations, to be satisfied with each moment.

Not feeling satisfied, and pushing for more, is giving off negative emotions, and we all know how that turns out!

Abraham explains how important satisfaction is to receiving manifestations and what’s in our Vortex.

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Play the video on the left ‘Abraham Hicks – Being Satisfied with Each Moment – to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 8 minutes

From Abraham…

Hi Abraham!

We are.

 I knew I would be called here, and I’m so happy and excited. You’ve been talking about impulses and receiving thoughts, and that has been my life.

Vortex Impulse Inspiration

And before you go further, just briefly, let’s call those impulses, inspiration. When they come from your Vortex, let’s call the impulse, inspiration. When it comes from struggle and worry, let’s call it motivation.

Okay, thank you for that. So, let me backtrack. I’ve been listening to you for two years now, two and a half years, and at that time I was at a stage where I wanted to gather more knowledge and know what is out there that can help me, and I’ve been gathering knowledge, and you know listening to a lot of people including Abraham, and that was my desire at that time, and I got that desire fulfilled.

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I was really satisfied, and by using that knowledge, I have been able to have a lot of manifestations which have been so satisfying to me during the last two years, and now I’m at a stage where I have a great life, a rich, abundant, joyous life that I wanted to have, so I’m at that stage right now and I get into Vortex a lot more often now than before. I can say almost twenty percent of the time I am able to be in the Vortex, at that high flying disk, and I love it. I just love momentum, and during those times when I’m in the Vortex, when I either, during that time, or when I just come out of it, I’d received these great ideas. I’d received these ideas which I feel can make a big difference in the world, can also make a big difference in my own life.


And I want to execute on those ideas.

Yes. Yes. Yes. But don’t jump too far ahead, because you get dissatisfied, because we can feel that building even as you’re speaking that, so you get the impulse, you receive the thought, you translate the thought, you receive the thought of what you want, and the why is embedded within that. So, what and why, intoxicating and satisfying, but if you ask too soon, how, where, when, who, then you introduce resistance into it, and you don’t allow it to naturally progress in the way it will.

So, that’s why we want you to be satisfied to keep receiving, and not be too ready to jump into action until you’re all the way over there where the action is just so compelling, and so obvious.

Yes, I agree with that and I was going to say that, that I’d reveled in those moments when I get those thoughts and inspiration.


Because it feels so satisfying and feels great, and I know I’m not ready for the execution right now.

But you see the thing that we really want to emphasize. because you’ve said it so well, is that it feels great, and we say then let it be enough, for a minute, that would be like sitting in this wonderful place, and eating this wonderful food, and then saying, oh I wish I was over there eating that food too, and over there eating that food too, or there eating that food too, and we say, just eat this and like it. Just eat this and like it. Let this satisfy you. Let this satisfy you.

But I want manifestations to happen because…

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I know you do. This is the conversation that we have with Esther, we know that, but this is the new emphasis that we’re wanting you to feel, because we’re teaching you how to gain control of the molding of your energy and what happens to you that gets it out of control, when you receive that impulse and you’ve jumped too quick to words, or action, before you’re vibrationally ready for it, then it doesn’t work out that well and then you get discouraged. Where if you can stay satisfied, and then satisfied, and then satisfied, and then satisfied…

I agree, and I was saying that I know that I’m not ready for the execution part right now, because if I was, it would happen, and I would really feel it, and I would just…

On some subjects you are. You were ready for the execution part of having and coming the conversation with Abraham. You were ready for that. Every now moment is a manifested moment, and what is manifesting in this moment is about your mix of vibrations. Don’t you want to know what your mix of vibrations is?

So, if you want to know, there’s two ways to know:

One is by what’s manifesting, that’s post manifestational awareness, and

One is by how you feel.

If you can be satisfied with feeling satisfied. If you can feel satisfied with feeling satisfied, and not get your cart before your horse. Let it unfold, then and only then, will you be one who lives happily ever after, and this is an important thing, we’re just going to lay it out here so that you can really hear it.

You’re never, ever gonna stop having a manifested moment that isn’t putting more in the Vortex. Every single manifested moment has enough contrast within it, that’s your part of the bargain, it’s gonna have enough contrast in it, that it’s going to cause an increasing of the Vortex. So, if you don’t, pretty soon, get used to not having everything in your Vortex manifest all at once, and you really wouldn’t like it any more than you’d like to eat all your food for the year today, you would not like it all to manifest all at once.

So, if you can accept that you’re constantly adding to your Vortex, and it’s constantly giving you feedback, and you become comfortable, and relaxed, and satisfied with the rhythm of that, then you can live happily ever after, but if you are dissatisfied with only this puny vibrational awareness of positive emotion.

Sarcasm doesn’t play well, does it, and you need full manifestation that everyone could witness before you’re satisfied, then in the absence of this satisfaction there is an absence of receiving, and your impulses will cease, and then you will be like most of the world. You will be relegated to walking over here into the manifested world and banging it out just like everybody else, and complaining about who’s doing what to who, and why that doesn’t work, and it’s your fault that I’m not satisfied, and it’s your fault that I’m not satisfied in your endless and futile need to control circumstances in order to produce positive emotion. Oooh that was so good.

You have to be able to figure out how to produce positive emotion within yourself, unconditionally, otherwise the conditions can’t manifest. If you need them to manifest, and they haven’t yet, and you stand over here, and instead of being satisfied with the way you feel, instead you’re looking and therefore evaluating, and then foreseeing the absence of the manifestation.

Your awareness of its absence ceases the connection, and ceases the progress, and relegates you to the unhappy experience of having to bang it out, just like everybody else. Big things come by using the energy that creates worlds, there’s a leverage in that, but even more important than the power of it, which is huge in what it produces, there’s a joy in it, of being in alignment with who you are.

Thank you.

Really good conversation.

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